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“Kenneth Davis and the Rolloway Productions staff has been a great help to my niece and nephew who have special needs and they're activities have really improved to learn how to skate, etc.”
- Nina Copland, Skating Student


“I have been a long time supporter for Rolloway Productions since the company started! After seeing the company grow from doing small local shows to skating for the Presidential Inauguration Committee for Barack Obama, I became inspired that I can do anything with continous hard work!”
- Mrs. Davis, Supporter


“Rolloway Productions has given me opportunities to perform on various platforms, from hosting Roll Train to performing events.”
- Casandra Morgan, Comedienne of Divine Diva of Comedy


“I've performed with Rolloway Productions and have been encouraged continue to seek out my gifts and talents as a Gospel Artist”
- Sherees Mack, Gospel Artist

“My child's behavior has greatly improved after he began taking skate lessons with Mr. Kenneth Davis and the Rolloway Productions team
- Ms. Lopez, Parent



“Integrity, dependability, Genuineness, loyalty, and God fearing. These are some of the words in Webster's Dictionary that describe Kenny "Rollo" Davis. His character is beyond reproach, I honor you with my testimony, My friend. 
- Leon Youngblood, CEO of Roccstar Entertainment, San Diego, Ca

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